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Order restaurant meals,
being aware of the health benefits

We are a Saas technology that empowers consumers to make healthier and informative food choices when eating out of home by giving personalised recommendations based on Health conditions, eatery requirements and fitness objectives

What's in it for you

For Restaurant

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Value Proposition

Increase restaurant sales because consumers with & without health conditions will eat out more often, because they will know what they are eating

We help people choose their preferred meals among the ones recommended based on their health profile

Helping consumers to prevent diseases, via bespoke recommendations based on their risk factors

Health Profile

Our team is composed of leading food scientists, dietitians and university professors. Our approach is a combination of IN-DEPTH NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE STUDIES, EPIDEMIOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES which enable us to capture, measure, and monitor;

These data feed into our DB and generate dynamic and bespoke meal recommendations which change and adapt according the consumer’s values & patterns, listed above. CONSUMER WILL HAVE ACCESS TO A LIVE HEALTH PROFILE MONITORING TOOL

Data feed to

Our solution generate dynamic meals recommendations that reflect daily needs. Whilst meals don’t vary as much on a restaurant’s menu, the food intake necessary for consumers may changes according to their needs. 

The variation of needs is determined by sleeping patterns, anxiety level, sport performance, nutrients intake and other elements.

Therefore, we use API INTEGRATIONS with WEARABLE DEVICES and enable CONSUMERS MANUAL INPUTTING to track daily food consumption. These seamless and partially automated processes allow us to increase meal’s recommendations accuracy.



CEO. Coordinates activities and responsibilities of the core team. Decides the general strategy.


COO. Coordinate restaurants' partners activities & carries out business development operations


CTO. Focused on tech
development & integrations


Director at Anya
Consultancy, whose
developers have
experience with AI.


CSO. Analyze scientific
literature and
develop the recipe
classification algorithm.

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Our Saas technology helps consumers make informed and healthier food choices while eating out. We provide personalized recommendations based on health conditions, eatery requirements, and fitness goals.

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